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The day near present Yankton, South Dakota begins with fog stretching across the river. The Sioux arrive with a ceremony, and then a council begins. In the evening, the Indians dance.

From the journals...

the Warriers are Verry much deckerated with Paint Porcupin quils & feathers, large leagins & mockersons, all with buffalow roabs of Different Colours.

William Clark

Wahktágeli, Yankton Sioux Chief

Historic painting of a Yankton Sioux chief

Painting by Karl Bodmer circa 1833.

they Sang around our camp during the time of the counsel. Each man of those Musicians had War hoop    it was made of thickest buffelow hides dressed white covered with thin Goat Skin dressd. white & ornamented with porcupine quills & feathers &.C. and in Such a defensive manner that a M. Ball could not penetrate through it    they wore them on their Backs when at practice, But when in attack at war they wear them on their right arm tied fast

John Ordway

War hoop

Historic print of a war hoop

Engraved print by Karl Bodmer circa 1833 (cropped).