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Most of the day is spent exchanging speeches, gifts, and knowledge with the Oto Indians at Council Bluff in present Nebraska. The Expedition leaves at 3pm, and travels six miles up the Missouri River.

From the journals...

after Brackfast we Collected those Indians under an orning of our Main Sail, in presence of our Party paraded & Delivered a long Speech to them expressive of our journey the wirkes of our Government, Some advice to them and Directions how They were to Conduct themselves

William Clark

Military parade

1803 soldiers in blue coats and white pant

Living history provided by the Discovery Expedition of St. Charles, Missouri.

the princapal Chief for the nation being absente we sent him the Speech flag Meadel & Some Cloathes. after hering what they had to say Delivered a medal of Second Grade to one for the Ottos & and one for the Missourie present and 4 medals of a third Grade to the inferior Chief    two for each tribe

William Clark

Jefferson peace medal

Coin with tomahawk and peace pipe crossed and two hands shakin