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At Council Bluff north of present Fort Calhoun, Nebraska, Clark prepares a peace pipe anticipating that the Oto will soon arrive for a council. Two men search for lost horses and others search for the Oto. Neither are found.

the Praries Contain Cheres, Apple, Grapes, Currents, Rasp burry, Gooseberris Hastlenuts and a great Variety of Plants & flours not Common to the U S. What a field for a Botents [botanist] and a natirless [naturalist]

William Clark

Tallgrass prairie

Tall-grass prairie with several flowers blooming

one of our hunters brought us a bough of the purple courant, which is frequently cultivated in the Atlantic states; the fruit was ripe; I presume it is a native of North America— here it grows generally in the praries but is not very abundant.— No. 12 is a specimine of it's leaves.—1

Meriwether Lewis

Wild black currant, Ribes americanum

Large black berries hanging on the vine

Photo presented at Fort Osage (unknown photographer).