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The Expedition arrives at a bluff near present Fort Calhoun, Nebraska where they intend to meet with the Oto nation. Joseph Field kills a Badger. Lewis intends to preserve it as a specimen for President Jefferson. Srgt Floyd is ill.

From the journals...

Lewis and my Self walked in the Prarie on the top of the Bluff and observed the most butifull prospects imagionable, this Prarie is Covered with grass about 10 or 12 Inch high, (Land rich) rises about ½ a mile back Something higher and is a Plain as fur as Can be Seen, under those high Lands next the river is butifull Bottom interspersed with Groves of timber, the River may be Seen for a great Distance both above & below meandering thro:

William Clark

Missouri River

Plains descending to a large river

One of our hunters brought in an animal which he had shot, which the Canadians, who were with us called a Brareowe, this animal was formed like a dog, of a Grey colour, the nails on his fore feet being 1½ Inches long, his head long and pecked none of the party but this Canadian had never seen such an animal before, and it was a novelty among us

Joseph Whitehouse

Badger, Taxidea taxus

Large furry critter with big claws for digging

Photo from a display at Fort Osage originally provided by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.