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The Expedition settles in at Camp White Catfish across from present Bellevue, Nebraska . Some men look for timber to make new oars. Goodrich catches a Channel catfish, a species new to science. Drouillard and Cruzatte look for the Oto.

From the journals...

Histed ouer Collars in the morning for the Reseptions of Indians who we expected Hear    when the Rain and wind Came So that we wase forst to take it down

Charles Floyd

17-Star Flag

Historic flag on a pole

This evening Guthrege [Goodrich] Cought a white Catfish, its eyes Small & tale much like that of a Dolfin

William Clark

Channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus

Large fish with flat mouth and cat-like whiskers

Photo ©Brian Gratwicke. Downloaded from Wikimedia and used with permission of the Creative Commons 2.5 License.