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The Expedition locates camp in a shady spot opposite Bellevue, Nebraska. The Captains plan to make navigational observations here and arrange a council with Oto. Lewis inventories his astronomical instruments.

From the journals...

This being a good Situation and much nearer the Otteaus town than the Mouth of the Platt, we concluded to delay at this place a fiew days and Send for Some of the Chiefs of that nation to let them Know of the Change of Government, The wishes of our Government to Cultivate friendship with them, the Objects of our journy and to present them with a flag and Some Small presents.

William Clark

Indian presentation flag

Flag with 15 stripes and bald eagle in the field with 17 stars

Chronometer; her ballance-wheel and [e]scapement were on the most improved construction. she rested on her back, in a small case prepared for her, suspended by an universal joint. she was carefully wound up every day at twelve oclock.

Meriwether Lewis


Clock resting on gimbels in a small box

Chronometer provided by Norman Anderson, Lewis and Clark Honor Guard.