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The Expedition continues up the Missouri River. Along the way, they offer some meat to a starving Indian dog. As with most days, two hunters travel the distance on horseback. After 18 miles, they all camp below present Nebraska City.

From the journals...

an annuel plant puting up many branches from the root has a leaf like the pateridge bea[n], is jointed bears a number of yllow pea-like flowers which grow on the seed stems which project from the main branches and which are unattended with leaves; these flowers grow all arround this stem and give it the appearance of a tausell. the [l]eaf stems ar long and have 24 par of leaves.1

Meriwether Lewis

Partridge pea, Chamaecrista fasciculata (also Cassia fasciulata)

Pea plant with bright yellow flowers

passed Som High Clifts on the South Side Which hase the apperence of Iron ore    the Clay is Red

Charles Floyd

Erratic boulder

Large boulder with red and brown shades