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The Expedition spends the day at Bald Pated Prairie near present Watson, Missouri. Lewis and several others hunt for meat. Clark makes observations to set the correct time on Lewis' chronometer.

From the journals...

we concluded to lay by to day to fix the Longitude, and get the Cronometer right, (She run down Day before yesterday)

William Clark


Sextant and other surveying tools

Sextant provided by Norman Anderson, Lewis and Clark Honor Guard.

taken on the 17th July at the bald prarie—
is a large convolvalist a fine white colour; the vines are very extensive and run in every direction intwining themselves about the larger weeds and bending them down is such manner as to make the open grownds or praries where they grow almost impassable1

Meriwether Lewis

Hedge bindweed, Calystegia sepium (formerly Convolvulus sepium)

Three large white flowers with purple stamens

Photo by Missouri Department of Conservation as presented on a sign at Fort Osage.