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Clark reports five men are sick with headaches or boils. Lewis writes orders assigning a cook to each sergeant's mess. They camp near Nodaway Island on the Missouri River having made about 12 miles.

From the journals...

These Superintendants of Provision, are held immediately responsible...for a judicious consumption of the provision...in such manner as is most wholesome and best calculated to afford the greatest proportion of nutriment; they shall allso point out what part, and what proportion of the mess provisions are to be consumed at each stated meal; nor is any man at any time to take or consume any part of the mess provisions without the privity, knowledge and consent of the Superintendant. The superintendant is also held responsible for all the cooking eutensels of his mess.

Meriwether Lewis

Kegs and kettles

Keg and brass kettle

Items provided by Hog Heaven Muzzle Loaders.