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To celebrate the Fourth of July, the swivel gun is fired. They name a creek entering the Missouri River Independence Creek. Joseph Field is bitten by a snake. After 15 miles, they camp near present Doniphan, Kansas.

we Closed the [day] by a Discharge from our bow piece, an extra Gill of whiskey.

William Clark

Sunset at Independence Creek

Three Expedition men in dress uniforms watching the sun set on the Missouri River

Photo of an interpretive sign at Independence Creek near Atchison, Kansas.

Set out early passed the mouth of a Beyeue [bayou] leading from a Lake on the S. S. this Lake is large and was once the bend of the River, it reaches Parrelel for Several miles

William Clark

Lewis and Clark Lake

Long narrow lake

Passed a Creek 12 yds. wide on L. S. comeing out of an extensive Prarie reching within 200 yards of the river, as this Creek has no name, and this being...the 4th of July the day of the independance of the U. S. call it 4th of July 1804 Creek

William Clark

Fourth of July Creek, Atchison, Kansas

Small creek flowing through the prairie

Capt. Lewis walked on Shore above this Creek and discovered a high moun from the top of which he had an extensive view, 3 paths Concentering at the moun

William Clark

Lewis walks the hills

Two Expedition men walking on a hillside

Photo on an interpretive sign at Independence Park, Atchison, Kansas.

We came to and camped in the lower edge of a Plain where 2d old Kanzas village formerly Stood

William Clark

Earth Lodge

Earth lodge covered in grasses and vines

above the mouth of a Creek 20 yds wide this Creek we call Creek Independence as we approached this place the Praree had a most butifull appearance Hills & Valies interspsd with Coops [copses] of Timber gave a pleasing deversity to the Senery.

William Clark

Independence Creek

Large, muddy creek meandering through the woods

the right fork of Creek Independence Meandering thro: the middle of the Plain a point of high Land near the river givs an allivated Situation. at this place the Kanzas Indians formerley lived.

William Clark

Independence Creek

Small creek entering a large muddy creek

The Plains of this countrey are covered with a Leek Green Grass, well calculated for the sweetest and most norushing hay—interspersed with Cops [copses] of trees, Spreding their lofty branchs over Pools Springs or Brooks of fine water.

William Clark

Tallgrass prairie at Independence Creek

Prairie with tall, green grasses