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The Expedition sets out early. At noon, they stop to construct a temporary mast so that the keelboat can take advantage of a tailwind. They make 11½ miles and camp opposite an old French trading fort south of present Iatan, Missouri.

From the journals...

we Camped after dark on the S. S. above the Island & opposit the 1st old village of the Kanzes which was Situated in a valley, between two points of high Land, and imediatly on the river bank, back of the village and on a riseing ground at about one mile

William Clark

Missouri River at Weston Bend State Park

Wide, forested Missouri River bottom viewed from a hill

We made a Mast of Cotton wood, to day in the Course of the evening & night it turned of a butifull red Colour

William Clark

Cottonwood and Missouri River at Leavenworth, Kansas

Cottonwood tree on the bank of the Missouri River