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The Expedition remains at the mouth of the Kansas River in present Kansas City, Missouri. Using a sextant and octant, Lewis determines the latitude. The men unload the boats and dry wet cargo.

Cleaned out the boat    Suned our Powder wollen articles    examined every thing

William Clark

Missouri and Kansas Rivers (Kaw Point)

Painting of the Expedition at the confluence of two rivers

Painting on an interpretive sign at Kaw Point, Kansas.

in examineing our private Store of Provisions we found Several articles Spoiled from the wet or dampness they had received

William Clark

Moldy meat

Strips of meat covered with white and green mold

the high lands Coms to the river Kanses on the upper Side at about a mile, full in view, and a butifull place for a fort, good landing place

William Clark

Kansas City

Kansas City skyline behind the Missouri River