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The men cut down the trees on the point of land between the Missouri and Kansas rivers so that the Captains can take navigational measurements. They also build a wall of timber and brush to prevent any Indian attack.

From the journals...

The Countrey about the mouth of this river is verry fine on each Side as well as the North of the Missouries the bottom, in the Point is low, & overflown for 250 yards. it rises a little above high water mark and Continus up that hight of good quallity back to the hills

William Clark

Missouri River at Kaw Point

Wide muddy river with low, treed hills

all hands were employed in clearing the point of said River from Trees. we then form'd a temporary breast work with pickets, in order to defend ourselves against the Indians, fearing that they might make an attack on us in the Night.

Joseph Whitehouse


top of a picket wall

Photo taken with permission at Fort Mandan.