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The Expedition sets out early and passes the Blue River in present Kansas City, Missouri. At the mouth of the Kansas River, the tow rope breaks. They manage to row the keelboat to the shore and encamp.

From the journals...

passed a bad Sand bar, where our tow rope broke twice, & with great exertions we rowed round it and Came to & Camped in the Point above the Kansas

William Clark

Arriving at Kaw Point

Painting of men towing a large keelboat up the Missouri River

Painting by Michael Haynes located on an interpretive sign at Kaw Point, Kansas.

I observed a great number of Parrot queets this evening

William Clark

Carolina parakeet, Conuropsis carolinensis

Botancal painting of two Carolina Parakeets on a small branch

Painting by John James Audubon.