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The Expedition passes the Chariton River. They find rock suitable for whetstones and prairies with wild plums, hazelnuts, and grapes. They move from their original campsite near present Gilliam, Missouri to get away from the Mosquitoes.

From the journals...

I discovered a Plumb which grows on bushes the hight of Hasle, those plumbs are in great numbers, the bushes beare Verry full, about double the Sise of the wild plumb Called the Osage Plumb & am told they are finely flavoured.

William Clark

Creek plum, Prunus rivularis

Red fruit hanging on a tree

Photo ©2005 Amirza360. Permission via the Creative Commons 3.0 License.

plenty of Mulbery Trees. the mulberys Ripe on them. The timber is walnut hickery ash &c. Grape vines Run over the trees &C.

John Ordway

Red mulberry, Morus rubra

Large green leaf

Photo credit: Cody Hough, college student and photographer in the Michgian area.