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The Expedition sets out early passing Arrow Rock. The keelboat hits a snag and turns sideways to the current exposing it to logs drifting with the strong Missouri current. They camp on an island north of present Lisbon, Missouri.

From the journals...

the Sturn of the boat Struck a log which was not proceiveable    the Curt. Struck her bow and turn the boat against Some drift & Snags which [were] below with great force; This was a disagreeable and Dangerous Situation, particularly as immense large trees were Drifting down and we lay imediately in their Course,—    Some of our men being prepared for all Situations leaped into the water Swam ashore with a roap, and fixed themselves in Such Situations, that the boat was off in a fiew minits, I can Say with Confidence that our party is not inferior to any that was ever on the waters of the Missoppie

William Clark

Keelboat on the Missouri River

Historical painting of the keelboat encountering a snag in the Missouri River

Painting located in the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation office in the Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail Interpretive Center in Great Falls, Montana.