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The keelboat's bottom is inspected. Manuel Lisa, a Missouri fur trader, comes to the winter camp of the Wood River. Major Rumsey inspects and condemns several barrels of salted pork. Clark receives and sends letters.

Majr. Rumsey was polite enough to examine all my provisions    Several Kegs of Pork he Condemned.

William Clark

Keg of pork

Oak keg with Lewis brand and labeled Pork

I write letters to Sundy Gentlemen by Mr. Choteau

William Clark

Jean Pierre Choteau

Charcoal drawing of an early 19th century gentleman

Photo taken at Fort Osage. The original is at the Missouri State Historical Society.

Mr Lousa & other arrive    also Sergt. Floyd from St Louis with Letters to me.

William Clark

Manuel Lisa

Pencil sketch of Manuel Lisa in gentleman's clothes

Sketch created by Martha Turner who has released it to the public domain.