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The Captains divide the men into 4 squads with a sergeant in charge of each. The squads are then grouped into two messes and provided rules for cooking and sleeping. Sergeant Ordway is assigned the duty roster.

From the journals...

each squad shall be devided into two messes, at the head of one of which the Commanding Serjeant Shall Preside. the Serjeants messes will Consist of four privates only to be admited under his discrission, the ballance of each Squad Shall form the Second mess of each Squad.

Meriwether Lewis

Oil in a large kettle

A large kettle of oil warming over a fire

Thanks to John Toenyes and Phil Scriver, authors of Edge of Survival, for providing this cooking fire.

The Spicewood is in full bloe, the dogs tooth violet, and may apple appeared above ground, a northern light appeared at
10 o C P. M. verry red.

William Clark

Mayapple, Podophyllum peltatum

Bright, white blossom

Photo by Patrick Byers, Missouri State Fruit Experiment Station, as presented on a sign at Fort Osage.