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While at their winter camp at Wood River, Illinois, Clark explores the country to the south reaching the Cahokia Mounds built between 900 and 1300. He falls through the ice while crossing a pond and nearly suffers frostbite.

From the journals...

went across a Prary to a 2nd Bank where I discovered an Indian Fortification,
this fortress is 9 mouns forming a Circle    two of them is about 7 foot above the leavel of the plain on the edge of the first bank and 2 m from the woods & about the Same distance from the main high land, about this place I found great quantities of Earthen ware & flints— about ½ m. N. is a Grave on an Emeninc

William Clark

Monks Mound (Cahokia Mounds)

Large mound or small hill covered in snow