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Clark oversees the building of winter quarters at the Wood River northeast from St. Louis. Lewis is Cahokia working on a letter to President Jefferson describing the various populations in the Louisiana territory.

From the journals...

Clear morning
Took the me[ridian?] altitude of the Suns Lowr Limb with the Sextent    found it to be 56° 15' 22", The Chronomter too Slow about 24' 20"—    I also took the median altitude of the Suns Lowr limb with the quadt and found 52° 57m 0    the errour of the instrument is 1° 20' 00" + ad +

Lat  = 38° 21' 36 1/10"
Qudt = 38  31  57 1/10

William Clark

Wood, Missouri, and Mississippi Rivers

Satellite view of the Wood River area

Satellite image provided by the U.S. Geological Survey.