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In a letter to Clark, Lewis reports that Drouillard has arrived with 8 recruits from Fort South West Point in Tennessee. Lewis finds several are unqualified for the Expedition. He offers Drouillard a $25 monthly salary.

From the journals...

Dear Captain,
Drewyer arrived here last evening from Tennissee with eight men. I do not know how they may answer on experiment but I am a little disappointed, in finding them not possessed of more of the requisite qualifications; there is not a hunter among them. Among the party from Tennissee is a blacksmith and House-joiner—these may be of service in our present situation.1

Meriwether Lewis
Statue of Meriwether Lewis on a cloudy day

Dear Captain,
If two men could be spared from building the hutts, would it not be better to set them at sawing of boards. Hennebury informed me...that he knew a person in the neighborhood who had a whip-saw.1

Meriwether Lewis

Whip saw

Sharp teeth of a large hand saw

Furnishings provided by John Fisher of the Hog Heaven Muzzleloaders.