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Lewis visits Carlos DeHault Delassus, Lieutenant Governor of Upper Louisiana, who forbids the Expedition from continuing up the Missouri River. With Louisiana still in Spanish control, Lewis agrees to spend the winter at the Wood River.

From the journals...

Dear Sir [Thomas Jefferson],
I set out...to visit Colo. Lasuse; I proceeded to make him acquainted with the objects of my visit...his duty as an Officer...forbad his granting me permission at this time to asscend the Missouri river; finally as friend advised my remaining at Cahokia untill the next spring, alledging that by that time he had no doubt the Govrs. consent would be obtained and that then all obstructions would be removed to my asscending the Missouri.1

Meriwether Lewis

Carlos (Charles) DeHault Delassus

Painting of Carlos DeHault Delassus

Image courtesy Missouri History Museum.