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Lewis, traveling by land, and Clark, traveling by river, arrive at Cahokia in present East St. Louis, Illinois. Clark is at the town's landing, and Lewis meets two prominent citizens who can help as translators.

From the journals...

about 10 oClock the wind changed to the S, E, and gave us an oppertunity to Sailing    (2) passd an Island on the Starbd Side, at 12 oClock the wind was So violent as to take off one of the Mast's

William Clark


Mast of a replica keelboat

This photo is provided as a service by the U.S. Army Center of Military History (digitally altered).

Dear Sir,
I arrived at Cahokia on the 7th and immediately took occasion to make myself acquainted with Mr. John Hay (the Post Master of this place) and a Mr. Jarrot, in whom from previous information I had every confidence; both these Gentleman are well acquainted with the English & French Languages.sup>1

Meriwether Lewis

Charles Gratiot

Portrait of Charles Gratiot