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Lewis sets out for Cape Girardeau. He courts the commandant, Louis Lorimier, whose store was burned and destroyed by Captain Clark's older brother, George Rogers Clark, in 1782. Later, Clark, who is very ill, arrives with the keelboat.

From the journals...

the Comdt. had a Couple of horses paraded, and one of his sons conducted me to Old Cape Jeradeau, the distance by the rout we went was 3 miles    here I found my boat and people    landed for the night.    found Capt. Clark very unwell.

Meriwether Lewis

Lumber mill near Cape Girardeau

Sketch of a small mill on a large river

Sketch by Karl Bodmer circa 1833.

N. Pryor, the man who was hunting yesterday has not yet arrived, had several guns fired again and the horn wlown [blown]; waited untill half after 7 OC. and then set out without him

Meriwether Lewis

Sounded horn

Long, trumpet like brass instrument

Photo from a display at Travelers' Rest State Park, Lolo Montana.