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Lewis writes a letter to President Thomas Jefferson telling him about the fossils currently being dug at Big Bone Lick. The keelboat crew, without Lewis, is struggling down the shallow river above Big Bone Lick.

From the journals...

Dear Sir [President Jefferson],
So soon Sir, as you deem it expedient to promulge the late treaty, between the United States and France I would be much obliged by your directing an official copy of it to be furnished me, as I think it probable that the present inhabitants of Louisiana, from such an evidence of their having become the Citizens of the United States, would feel it their interest and would more readily yeald any information of which, they may be possessed relative to the country than they would be disposed to do, while there is any doubt remaining on that subject.1

Meriwether Lewis

Louisiana Purchase

Photo of the original Louisiana Purchase

Photo from the U.S. Government Archives.