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Lewis takes the boats through the Long Reach of the Ohio River. Along the way, he sees many squirrels swimming across the river. He lets Seaman, his Newfoundland dog, capture several. Lewis finds them fat and tasty when fried.

From the journals...

observed a number of squirrels swiming the Ohio and universally passing from the W. to the East shore    I made my dog take as many each day as I had occation for, they wer fat and I thought them when fryed a pleasent food—

Meriwether Lewis

Eastern gray squirrel, Sciurus carolinensis

Eastern gray squirrel looking at the camera

"SquirrelInKensingtonPark" by Andreas Tille - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

entered the long reach, so called from the Ohio running in strait direction for 18 miles
in this reach there are 5 Islands from three to 2 miles in length each—

Meriwether Lewis
Snippet from a book used by Meriwether Lewis to help navigate the Ohio River

Picture from The Navigator: Or, the Trader's Useful Guide in Navigating the Monongehela, Allegheny, Ohio and Mississippi Rivers by Zadok Cramer, Fifth Edition, published in 1806. Lewis used an earlier edition to help him navigate and describe the journey down the Ohio River.