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December 30, 1803

At winter quarters on Wood River, Captain Clark moves into his cabin. Despite the morning snow, Ordway is sent to Cahokia with a letter for Captain Lewis. Clark creates a new plan for guard duty.

Snow in the morning    I move into my hut, Cloudy morning    Colter Kill a Deer & a turkey, Drewyer & Serjt. Odway set out for Kohokia, I arrange the guards on a new plan, wrote to Cap Lewis

William Clark
Large mound or small hill covered in snow

December 30, 1804

Several Mandan bring food to trade at Fort Mandan. Ordway describes a type of bread they have made from parched corn and beans. The blacksmiths continue their work, perhaps the warmest place to be on this day that started out at -20°.

a great nomber of the Mandans came to Trade with us. they Brought us corn & Beans Squasshes, also a Some of their kind of Bread which they make of pearched corn and beans mixed to gether & made in round balls.

John Ordway
Small oak barrel and a bowl of dried corn

December 30, 1805

The sun makes a brief appearance at Fort Clatsop and the day brings only three showers of rain. With the wall and gates complete, the Captains set a policy to remove all Indians from the fort at sunset. Drouillard brings in fresh elk.

at Sun Set we let The Indians know that, our Custom will be to Shut the gates at Sun Set,
our fortification is Completed this evening—

William Clark
Replica of Fort Clatsop: two long log cabin building separated with a gate