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December 9, 1803

Clark is taking the keelboat and crew towards their intended winter quarters on the Wood River up the Mississippi River from St. Louis. Lewis leaves for St. Louis to take a census of Louisiana and gather intelligence for Jefferson.

Dear Sir [Thomas Jefferson],
Capt. Clark continued his route with the party to the river Dubois (distant from St. Louis 18 Miles) in order to erect Cabins for our winter residence at that place.... I passed over to St. Louis with a view to obtain from inhabitants such information as I might consider usefull to the Government, or such as might be usefull to me in my further prosecution of my voyage.1

Meriwether Lewis
Historical drawing of Cahokia Mounds

December 9, 1804

The temperature rises above 0°. Lewis and Gass have a good day hunting buffalo about 5 miles from Fort Mandan. They make shelters from the buffalo hides, and stay out overnight to keep the wolves away from the meat.

went hunting with a party of fifteen men    killed 10 Buffaloe and 1 deer    staid out all night

Meriwether Lewis
Painting of a wounded buffalo

December 9, 1805

Clark continues south through the Clatsop plains to the mouth of the Necanicum River at present Seaside, Oregon. There, he spends the night at a Clatsop village. On the Netul River, work begins clearing the land to make a winter fort.

with the other 3 men I deturmined to proceed on to the Ocian, & Set out on a Westerley direction
here I found their vilg. 4 Lodges on the west bank of this little river which is here 70 yards wide

William Clark
River with sandy beach flowing into the ocean