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December 7, 1803

Lewis, traveling by land, and Clark, traveling by river, arrive at Cahokia in present East St. Louis, Illinois. Clark is at the town's landing, and Lewis meets two prominent citizens who can help as translators.

about 10 oClock the wind changed to the S, E, and gave us an oppertunity to Sailing    (2) passd an Island on the Starbd Side, at 12 oClock the wind was So violent as to take off one of the Mast's

William Clark
Mast of a replica keelboat

December 7, 1804

The Indians tell the Captains that there is a large buffalo herd nearby, and Lewis organizes a group of hunters. Before dark, they must haul the meat to Fort Mandan because any meat left behind will be eaten by the wolves.

saw the prairie covered with buffaloe and the Indians on horseback killing them. They killed 30 or 40 and we killed eleven of them. They shoot them with bows and arrows, and have their horses so trained that they will advance very near and suddenly wheel and fly off in case the wounded buffaloe attempt an attack.

Patrick Gass
Indians hunting amongst a buffalo herd in the deep snow

December 7, 1805

The morning is fair, and the Expedition travels from Tongue Point to the site where they will build Fort Clatsop. The hunters return without York, Clark's slave, so Clark waits in one of the canoes for him to catch up.

we assended a river which falls in on the South Side of this Bay 3 miles to the first point of high land on the West Side, the place Capt. Lewis had viewed and formed in a thick groth of pine about 200 yards from the river,
this situation is on a rise about 30 feet higher than the high tides leavel and thickly Covered with lofty pine.
this is certainly the most eligable Situation for our purposes of any in its neighbourhood.

William Clark
Coastal marsh with ferns and cattails in front of a small forested hill