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December 6, 1803

Lewis, traveling by land, and Clark, traveling by river, arrive at Cahokia in present East St. Louis, Illinois. Clark is at the town's landing, and Lewis is preparing a formal visit with the Spanish governor in St. Louis.

passed two Islands on the Larbd. Side, one of those Islands large and lies near the main Shore    the other verry Small with a large Sand bar—; the head of those two Ilds. are imedeately below the Meremeck River

William Clark
Sketch of  large rock and island in the Mississippi River

December 6, 1804

Construction at Fort Mandan stops when the temperature drops to 10° and strong winds blow. Clark is buffalo hunting, and several in his group are frost bitten. Clark describes what the local Indians wear in this type of weather.

Capt. Clark was hunting the Buffaloe this day with 16 Men— severall of the men frosted    killed 3 buffaloe himself and the party killed 5 others.

Meriwether Lewis
Painting of a wounded buffalo

December 6, 1805

Today's storm prevents the Expedition from leaving Tongue Point and a flood tide forces them to move to higher ground. Clark finds the smoke bothersome, likely from burning wood that has drifted in salty water or is wet and green.

At noon it rained very hard, and the tide flowed so high, that in some part of our camp the water was a foot deep: we had therefore to remove to higher ground.

Patrick Gass
Aerial photo the Tongue Point and the Columbia River mouth