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December 5, 1803

Clark takes the keelboat 14 miles up the Mississippi River. He has difficulty passing rocks projecting 200 feet into the river. At Fountain Creek, the provisions he ordered have not arrived. Lewis leaves Kaskaskia for Cahokia.

above a rock forming a worft [wharf] into the river 200 feet, as the Current of the river sets imedeately against this rock, we had some difecualty in passing it— this Rock appears to be Composed of Grit well calculated for Grind Stones—

William Clark
Sketch of  large rock along the Mississippi River

December 5, 1804

Two men from the North West Company visit Fort Mandan. They intend to establish a trading post with the Assiniboin to the north. The Expedition's men build a platform outside the meat and smoke house for the sentinel to walk on.

two of the N W. Companey Came to See us, to let us Know they intended to Set out for the establishment on the osinniboin River in two Days—& their party would Consist of 5 men

William Clark
North West Company coat of arms

December 5, 1805

Lewis returns to Tongue Point having found a good location to spend the winter. Plans are made to move down the Columbia River, across Youngs Bay, and up today's Lewis and Clark River (the Netul) as soon as the weather permits.

Capt Lewis returned haveing found a good Situation and Elk Suffient to winter on
we accordingly deturmined to proceed on and Commence building huts &c.

William Clark
Small bay and river heading into coastal hills