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December 4, 1803

Clark takes the keelboat up the Mississippi River passing the French village Ste. Genevieve. From an island, he views Fort de Chartres 2.5 miles to the east. He travels about 20 miles. Lewis remains in Kaskaskia in present Illinois.

Set out this morning before Sunrise at ¾ of a mile passed the mouth of a Small Creek Called Gabia, at the mouth of this Creek is the landing place for the Tradeing Boats of St Genevieve, a Small town Situated on the Spurs of the high land at ¾ of a mile distant nearly South This Village contains (as I am informed) about 120 families, principally French

William Clark
Historic painting of the Missouri River

December 4, 1804

Chief Black Cat and two other Mandan dine with the Captains and stay all day. The men continue to wall in Fort Mandan with a picket fence. Clark says their interpreter, Rene Jusseaume, has a poor attitude.

we continued Setting up the pickets & bringing them &.C.

John Ordway

finish the main bastion

William Clark
Picketed log wall at Fort Mandan

December 4, 1805

With a better diet, Clark reports he is feeling better. Men are sent to retrieve the meat of the Elk shot yesterday. Lewis has not returned, and Clark begins to worry. At Tongue Point, high waves prevent him from moving to Youngs Bay.

hard wind from South— rained all day, moderately
no account of Capt. Lewis. I fear Some accident has taken place in his craft or party

William Clark
A small spit of land jutting out into gray, storm-tossed water