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November 28, 1803

Clark takes charge of the keelboat, and Lewis prepares to leave for St. Louis and Cahokia. Lewis ceases to write daily journal entries, and Clark begins with an entry about the day's travel. Both camp near Kaskaskia in present Illinois.

passed the mouth of the Saline Creek at three oClock, this Creek mouthes behind an Island This Creek has a thick settlement [sediment] on its waters, at the time I passed this Creek the horozon became darkened that I could not see across the River, which appeared to widened, and the Current much Swifter than usial

William Clark
White chunky crystals

November 28, 1804

The day is snowy at Fort Mandan near present Stanton, North Dakota. Black Cat, a principal Mandan chief, visits the fort. He is told that the Mandan should no longer accept medals and flags from North West Company traders.

at 8 oClock the Poss-cop-so-he or Black Cat Grand Chief of the Mandans Came to See us, after Showing Those Chiefs many thing which was Curiossities to them, and Giveing a fiew presents of Curioes Handkerchiefs arm bans & paint with a twist of Tobaco

William Clark
Painting of Black Mocassin as an old Indian man

November 28, 1805

The Expedition waits out a 'perfect storm' in a 'disagreeable' situation near present Astoria, Oregon. The hunters find the surrounding country difficult to penetrate. The hunters find no game, and the Corps must eat pounded fish.

the pieces of Sales & tents So full of holes & rotten that they will not keep any thing dry,
O! how disagreeable is our Situation dureing this dreadfull weather.

William Clark
Point of thick forested land jutting out into the river