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November 23, 1803

Lewis sets out for Cape Girardeau. He courts the commandant, Louis Lorimier, whose store was burned and destroyed by Captain Clark's older brother, George Rogers Clark, in 1782. Later, Clark, who is very ill, arrives with the keelboat.

the Comdt. had a Couple of horses paraded, and one of his sons conducted me to Old Cape Jeradeau, the distance by the rout we went was 3 miles    here I found my boat and people    landed for the night.    found Capt. Clark very unwell.

Meriwether Lewis
Sketch of a small mill on a large river

November 23, 1804

At Fort Mandan, several of the men have come down with colds. The tools to make rope are put in place. Work begins to twist several strips of elk skin into a large rope that will be used to haul the keelboat onto the shore.

Rope works fixed. Several hands employed makeing a large Rope for the purpose of drawing the Barge up the Bank &C.

John Ordway
Rope made from three strands of twisted elkskin

November 23, 1805

After a rainy night at Station Camp, the day is calm but cloudy. Several men mark their names and the date on Alder trees near camp. Clark compares the Clatsop with the Chinook, noting they that were reduced by small pox and do not steal.

I marked my name the Day & year on a Alder tree, the party all Cut the first letters of their names on different trees in the bottom.

William Clark
Stand of thin, tall trees with white bark