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November 20, 1803

The Expedition leaves the Ohio River and turns up the Mississippi bound for St. Louis. They make several miles against the current and camp on the eastern shore in present Illinois.

Left our mouring on the Ohio side of the point at 10 OC.
we came too on the Starbd side and stayed all night

Meriwether Lewis
Pencil sketch of a small 1833 river community

November 20, 1804

West winds bring warmer temperatures to Fort Mandan in present North Dakota. Several Indians come to eat the fresh meat brought to the fort yesterday. Charbonneau brings four horse loads of meat, and the Captains move into their huts.

the work go on as usal. Captains moved in their Room, &.C. got Stone &.C.

John Ordway
Fort Mandan bunks and other furnishings

November 20, 1805

Clark's group joins the others at Station Camp near present Chinook, Washington. Chiefs Comcomly and Shelathwell are given medals and a flag. An Indian trades two sea otter skins for the belt of blue beads worn by Sacagawea.

I was overtaken by three Indians one of them gave me Some dried Sturgeon and a fiew wappato roots,
found maney of the Chin nooks with Capt. Lewis of whome there was 2 Cheifs Com com mo ly & Chil-lar-la-wil

William Clark
Thick fish filet and small potato-like bulbs