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November 15, 1803

The Captains spend the day determining the latitude and longitude of the Mississippi and Ohio confluence using a sextant and chronometer. Clark records their course using a circumferentor—a surveying compass 6 inches in diameter.

took equal altitudes A. M. 8 59 6—    lost the afternon from clouds which interveened and prevented them

Meriwether Lewis
Old triangular navigation device

November 15, 1804

When Drouillard returns to Fort Mandan, an engagé is sent back to the hunters several miles down the river. He is given tin so they can cover the front of the pirogue which is being damaged from dragging it against the river ice.

all hands work at their huts untill 1 oClock at night—

William Clark
Canteen, shot pouch, and lantern hanging on a Fort Mandan wall

November 15, 1805

The day becomes fair, and at 3 pm, Clark is finally able to move the canoes and baggage around present Point Ellice. They make a comfortable camp they would later name Station Camp. Lewis is ahead looking for ships and traders.

Rained all the last night, this morning it became Calm and fair

William Clark
Sun breaking through rain clouds on the rocky Columbia River shore