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November 14, 1803

The keelboat continues down the Ohio to its mouth on the Mississippi near Cairo, Illinois. Along the way, they pass a cantonment named for General Wilkinson. Lewis takes a strong laxative made from calomel and jalap.

this evening landed on the point at which the Ohio and Mississippi form there junchon felt myself much better but extreemly weak—

Meriwether Lewis
Pencil sketch of a small 1833 river community

November 14, 1804

Only two Indians visit Fort Mandan due to the previous day's adoption ceremony—a practice where enemies are made temporary relatives so that they can trade. The hunters do not return, so the men must eat some of their salted pork.

only two Indians visit us to day Owing to a Dance at the Village last night in Concluding a Serimoney of adoption, and interchange of property, between the Ossiniboins, and the nations of this neighbourhood—

William Clark
Painting of Mandan women dancing

November 14, 1805

At the mouth of the Columbia River, the rain continues all night and most of the day. Their clothing and robes have rotted. Colter returns and reports a large sandy beach is not far ahead. Lewis leaves camp to find white traders or sailors.

Capt. Lewis is object is also to find a Small Bay as laid down by Vancouver
if we have Cold weather before we Can kill & Dress Skins for Clothing the bulk of the party will Suffer verry much.

William Clark
Rolling waves on a stormy day