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November 13, 1803

Lewis and Clark leave Fort Massac late in the day descending the Ohio River about 3 miles. The evening brings a hard rain, and Lewis suffers from symptoms of malaria—chills and fevers.

raind very hard in the eving and I was siezed with a violent ague which continued about four hours and as is usual was succeeded by a feever which however fortunately abated in some measure by sunrise the next morning

Meriwether Lewis
Historical sketch of the Ohio river at Fort Massac

November 13, 1804

On a snowy morning, the river ice threatens the boats forcing the men to unload and stow the cargo in the unfinished storeroom. While returning from the Village, Lewis' pirogue runs aground and they must walk the boat in the icy water.

Capt. Lewis returned with his party towards evening much fatigued. they got fast on a Sand bar & had to be out in the water abto. 2 hours. the Ice running against their legs. their close frooze on them. one of them got 1 of his feet frost bit. it hapned that they had Some whiskey with them to revive their Spirits.

John Ordway
Copper canteen laying on its side

November 13, 1805

The rain continues. Clark climbs the mountain above their camp, but clouds obstruct his view of the Columbia River mouth and Pacific Ocean. Colter is sent around present Point Ellice, across from Astoria, Oregon, to find a better location.

The rain continuing and weather proved So Cloudy that I could not See any distance

William Clark
Waves pounding a rocky shore on a gray day