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November 10, 1803

Lewis and Clark are within one day's journey from Fort Massac. Near this date, the keelboat passes the Cumberland River.

This river rises in the Cumberland mountains, on the confines of Virginia, winding to a S. W. course, advances into the S. W. Territory, thence meandering in a N. W. direction, passes by Nashville, in the state of Tennessee, into Kentucky, and unites with the Ohio in a west direction; it is 300 yards wide at its mouth, and is navigable for loaded boats up to Nashville, and for smaller crafts up to the division line of Kentucky

Zadok Cramer
Snippet from a book used by Meriwether Lewis to help navigate the Ohio River

November 10, 1804

An Indian chief and his wife cross the Missouri in a bullboat—a round boat covered with buffalo hide. They bring a side of buffalo meat to Fort Mandan. The weather is cold and cloudy as the men continue building their winter quarters.

saw a flock of the crested cherry birds passing to the south

Meriwether Lewis
Cedar waxwing: a gray and yellow bird eating choke cherries

November 10, 1805

At 3 pm, the winds and waves subside, and the Corps sets out. They make about 10 miles before they are forced to shelter in a small 'nitch' where a creek enters the Columbia River. They camp on drift logs with wet clothes and bedding.

the waves became So high that we were compelled to return about 2 miles to a place we Could unload our Canoes, which we did in a Small nitch

William Clark
Historic painting of the Lewis and Clark paddling to the Dismal Nitch on a stormy day