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November 9, 1803

Lewis and Clark are within two days of Fort Massac. Near this date, they would need to steer the keelboat around the long islands then called The Three Sisters.

The Three sisters, islands, Channel past the first on the right side, the second on the left side, the third on the right side.

Zadok Cramer
Snippet from a book used by Meriwether Lewis to help navigate the Ohio River

November 9, 1804

The morning brings a hard frost, and the men struggle to complete their cabins across from present Stanton, North Dakota. The Expedition visits with the Mandan and learn that they feed their horses cottonwood sticks each night.

we are Situated in a point of the Missouri North Side in a Cotton wood Timber, this Timber is tall and heavy Containing an imence quantity of water    Brickle & Soft food for Horses to winter (as is Said by the Indians)

William Clark
Nine cottonwood trees growing in a clump

November 9, 1805

The crew is anxious to get to the Pacific Ocean, but wind and high waves prevent them from passing around the 'dismal' point of land on the west side of Gray's Bay. The Columbia is now too salty to drink, so they must use rain water.

our camp entirely under water dureing the hight of the tide,
The water of the river being too Salt to use we are oblidged to make use of rain water—

William Clark
Sunset on a shallow bay on a stormy day