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November 8, 1803

Lewis and Clark take the keelboat down the Ohio River. Near this date, they pass notable landmarks such as Cave in Rock and Hurricane Island near present Elizabethtown, Illinois.

Rock in Cave, and island, channel right side, This is a curious cave, it presents itself to view a little above the level of the surface of the water when high, and close to the bank of the river, on the right side, a little darkened by the shade of some trees which stand before its mouth. It is about 180 feet deep, and its mouth is of a semicircular form, about 80 feet at its base and 25 feet in height. The cave bears the inscriptions of the names of persons who have visited it at different times and the dates, &c.

Zadok Cramer
Snippet from a book used by Meriwether Lewis to help navigate the Ohio River

November 8, 1804

As winter closes in on the northern plain, the men rush to complete their Fort Mandan huts. They attempt to split Cottonwood to make shingles, but find that the logs do not rive well. Three Hudson Bay traders arrive at the Mandan village.

we continued building with as much haste as possable in order to Git in them before winter Sets in. we found that the C. W. will rive well So that we are in hopes to make enofe to cover our buildings. but afterwards found it difficult and Gave up the Idea.

John Ordway
Cottonwood logs and split boards

November 8, 1805

The Expedition crosses Grays Bay near the mouth of the Columbia River, where high waves force them to stop. Several of the men are seasick. The tides raise and lower the logs on which their baggage is stored—a dangerous situation.

at 3 miles entered a nitch of about 6 miles wide and 5 miles deep with Several Creeks makeing into the Stard Hills, this nitch we found verry Shallow water and Call it the Shallow nitch

William Clark
Another dark and stormy day at a large shallow bay in the Columbia River