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November 6, 1803

Lewis and Clark take the keelboat down the Ohio River. Near this date, they pass the Wabash River and perhaps stay at Old Shawneetown in present Illinois.

When the waters of the Ohio are high, the banks of the Wabash are overflowed for several miles up: it is about 400 yards wide at its mouth, and enters the Ohio at nearly right angles.

Zadok Cramer
Snippet from a book used by Meriwether Lewis to help navigate the Ohio River

November 6, 1804

The men watch the northern lights during the night. Two interpreters and two French men leave to spend the winter with the Arikara. The men continue to build Fort Mandan and Sergeant Ordway predicts it will soon snow.

it was uncommon light in the north the Greater part of last night

John Ordway
Streaks of green light on the prairie night sky

November 6, 1805

The Expedition continues down the Columbia. They see large river bottoms, islands, Indian villages, and a hill with graves. They camp on a narrow beach below a basalt cliff presently named Little Cape Horn. The fleas are bothersome.

We came 27 Miles this day & encamped on the North side of the River, under a Clift of Rocks.

Joseph Whitehouse
Sun shining on the wide river with high hills on the opposite shore