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October 22, 1803

Lewis and Clark are at the Great Falls of the Ohio at Louisville, Kentucky. During this period, the keelboat is piloted through the dangerous rapids and moored below the falls.

A pilot, who is regularly appointed by the court, can at all times be had here, to conduct you over falls.

Zadok Cramer
Snippet from a book used by Meriwether Lewis to help navigate the Ohio River

October 22, 1804

During the night, Clark suffers from a sore neck making it hard for him to move. The Expedition passes an abandoned Mandan village now called Double Ditch north of present Bismarck. They refuse to help a passing Teton Sioux war party.

this village was entirely cut off by the Sioux & one of the others nearly, the Small Pox distroyed great Numbers

William Clark
Double Ditch Village

October 22, 1805

The Expedition sets out at sunrise and in 18 miles arrives at Celilo Falls. With the assistance of the Indians and their horses, the cargo is portaged around the falls to a camp on a large eddy sandbar on the north shore.

we despatched two men to examine the river on the opposit Side, and reported that the Canoes could be taken down a narrow Chanel on the opposit Side after a Short portage at the head of the falls, at which place the Indians take over their Canoes. Indians assisted us over the portage with our heavy articles on their horses, the waters is divided into Several narrow chanels which pass through a hard black rock forming Islands of rocks at this Stage of the water, on those Islands of rocks as well as at and about their Lodges I observe great numbers of Stacks of pounded Salmon

William Clark
Historic photo of very wide, but not very tall waterfall