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October 13, 1803

Lewis arrives at the Great Falls of the Ohio at Louisville, Kentucky. No known journal entries exist, but it is likely that the keelboat is moored above the falls and someone sent to notify Clark of their arrival.

Four miles below these islands, and two above Louisville, is a large bar near the left shore, which extends near one third across the river.

Zadok Cramer
Snippet from a book used by Meriwether Lewis to help navigate the Ohio River

October 13, 1804

The Expedition makes 18 miles up the Missouri River stopping near the present border between North and South Dakota. A Court Martial finds Private John Newman guilty of making criminal and mutinous statements.

on the river near the place those are Said to be Situated, we obsd. a greater quantity of fine grapes than I ever Saw at one place.

William Clark
Grapes and red Buffaloberries growing together

October 13, 1805

To save time, the Captains decide to run the Snake River rapids instead of portaging safely around them. They pass the present Tucannon and Palouse Rivers and observe an empty Palouse fishing village. Camp is near present Ayer, Washington.

all the morning, a hard wind from the S West untill 9 oClock,
we passed over this bad rapid Safe.

William Clark
Historic photo of small rocky river entering a larger rocky river