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October 11, 1803

Lewis takes the keelboat and supplies down the Ohio River. Near this date, they pass or visit Westport, Kentucky. Clark is in Louisville waiting for their arrival.

Eighteen Mile island, channel right shore

Zadok Cramer
Snippet from a book used by Meriwether Lewis to help navigate the Ohio River

October 11, 1804

In a council, an Arikara chief encourages trade and friendship and says no one dare grab the boat's rope. The boats are moved to a second Arikara village above present Mobridge, South Dakota where the men are given hog peanuts to eat.

arived at the 2nd R. Ree village on the Bank of the River S. Side    a handsome place a high Smoth prarie. a Timbred Bottom of the opposite Shore    a large Sand beach makes out from the vill.

John Ordway
Prairie and rolling hills cut by the Missouri River

October 11, 1805

As they canoe down the lower Snake River rapids, the men see Nez Perce sweat houses and burial sites. They purchase fish and dogs at two different villages. The hills are barren, and firewood becomes scarce.

This morning clear & pleasant weather.

Joseph Whitehouse

The after part of the day the wind from the S. W. and hard. The day worm.

William Clark
Historic photo of a dugout canoe with Lewis and Clark re-enactors