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October 9, 1803

The keelboat heads down the Ohio River between Cincinnati and Louisville, where Clark is waiting for their arrival. Near this date, they round a bend in the river and head south towards Charlestown, Indiana.

A large bar, on the left shore, Channel close to the right shore.

Zadok Cramer
Snippet from a book used by Meriwether Lewis to help navigate the Ohio River

October 9, 1804

Above present Mobridge, South Dakota, the night is stormy, and they are unable to meet with the Arikara. During the day, the visiting Indians are fascinated by York, Clark's slave, appearing to have never seen a black man before.

I saw at Several times to day 3 Squars in single Buffalow Skin Canoes loaded with meat Cross the River, at the time the waves were as high as I ever Saw them in the Missouri—

William Clark
Historic photo of a Mandan woman in a bull boat on the Missouri river

October 9, 1805

The Expedition stops on a beach below the Potlatch River to dry cargo and repair the canoe damaged in yesterday's accident. Old Toby, the Lemhi Shoshone guide, leaves suddenly. The men witness a Nez Perce woman's spiritual ceremony.

The morning Cool as usial the greater part of the day proved to be Cloudy, which was unfavourable for drying our things &c. which got we[t] yesterday.

William Clark
sandy shores on a dark, cloudy morning