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September 15, 1803

At sunrise, Lewis heads down the Ohio passing the present Little Kanawha and Little Hocking rivers. The keelboat must be lifted over a bar of gravel that crosses the river. They are delayed when one of the canoes falls behind.

one of the canoes fell a considerable distance behind, we were obliged to ly too for her coming up which detained us several hours
took up on the Virginia shore having mad 18 miles this day.—

Meriwether Lewis
Snippet from a book used by Meriwether Lewis to help navigate the Ohio River

September 15, 1804

The Expedition passes small creek where Shannon had waited to be rescued by a fur trade boat. Clark and Lewis explore the White River. At the evening camp below present Oacoma, South Dakota, fresh food consists of grapes and rabbits.

Passed White river on the south side; one of the men and myself went up it to examine the country, and encamped about twelve miles from the mouth, where it is 150 yards broad. We found good bottoms on this creek; but timber scarce, and none upon the hills. The current and colour of the water are much like those of the Missouri.

Patrick Gass
The White River near Crawford, Nebraska

September 15, 1805

The Expedition heads west along the Lochsa River. They then climb up a very steep ridge to the main Lolo trail. Several horses fall and two give out. At camp, they find a bank of snow to melt for water. The evening is cold and cloudy.

we set out early.
the morning Cloudy.

William Clark
Cloudy, early morning on the Lochsa River

September 15, 1806

Against a stiff headwind, the men paddle nearly 50 miles passing the mouth of the Kansas River. They stop to let the men gather pawpaw fruits. The Captains climb a hill in present Kansas City and decide it would be a good place for a fort.

a fair morning. we Set off at eight and procd. On

John Ordway

day very worm Smokey and worm

William Clark
Morning sun lighting the trees on the Missouri River