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September 14, 1803

In the morning, two of the crew are so drunk that Lewis must haul them to the boat. Seaman catches more squirrels swimming across the Ohio River. Lewis notes that many people in this area suffer from malaria.

Set out this morning at 11 oClock    was prevented seting out earlyer in consequence of two of my men geting drunk and absenting themselves. I fnally found them and had them brought on board, so drunk that they were unable to help themselves

Meriwether Lewis
Snippet from a book used by Meriwether Lewis to help navigate the Ohio River

September 14, 1804

Clark kills a pronghorn and Shields kills a white-tailed jackrabbit. Lewis scientifically describes both in his natural history notes. Clark searches unsuccessfully for an old volcano reported to be in this part of present South Dakota.

I Killed a Buck Goat of this Countrey, about the hight of the Grown Deer, its body Shorter, the Horns which is not very hard and forks 2/3 up    one prong Short the other round & Sharp arched
he is more like the Antilope or Gazella of Africa than any other Species of Goat.

William Clark
Profile of a Pronhorn head

September 14, 1805

Through rain and hail, the Expedition travels along mountain ridges and across steep valleys. They ford Crooked Fork at an Indian fish weir, and then continue to an island on the Lochsa River at Powell, Idaho. They kill a colt for food.

Encamped opposit a Small Island at the mouth of a branch on the right side of the river which is at this place 80 yards wide, Swift and Stoney

William Clark
Small island in a stoney river surrounded by a dense forest

September 14, 1806

During their 53-mile paddle to present Leavenworth, Kansas, the Expedition fears meeting the Kansas Indians who may try to rob them. Instead, they meet three large boats. The traders give them whiskey, biscuits, cheese, pork, and onions.

we proceeded on to an Island near the middle of the river below our encampment of the 1st of July 1804 and encamped haveing decended only 53 miles to day.
our party received a dram and Sung Songs untill 11 oClock at night in the greatest harmoney.

William Clark
Big, channelized, muddy river