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September 13, 1803

At sunrise, Lewis sets out down the Ohio River. They lift the keelboat over a few riffles and arrive at Marietta, Ohio. Lewis sees a large flock of passenger pigeons and writes a letter to President Jefferson.

observid many pigeons passing over us pursuing a south East course.

Meriwether Lewis
Scientific painting of a male and female passenger pigeon

September 13, 1804

The Missouri is crowded with islands and sandbars slowing progress of the large keelboat. Ordway, Pryor, and Shannon walk on shore to gather plums and are cut off from the main party who spend the night on the opposite shore.

Killed a...Porcupine; found it in a Cottonwood tree near the river on the Lard. Shore— the leaves of the Cottonwood were much distroyed— as were those of the Cottonwood trees in it's neighbourhood. I therefore supposed that it fed on the folage of trees at this season, the flesh of this anamal is a pleasant and whoalsome food—

Meriwether Lewis
A porcupine in Yellowstone National Park

September 13, 1805

The Expedition continues up Lolo Creek stopping at a hot springs. They delay to find the right trail and wait for Lewis who stayed behind to find his horse. They climb up a divide to a large meadow presently named Packer Meadows, Idaho.

we fell on a Small Creek from the left which Passed through open glades Some of which ½ a mile wide

William Clark
Large grassy meadow and small meandering creek

September 13, 1806

Before departure, Robert McClellan gives out liberal amounts of whiskey. At 8am, hard winds come up, and Clark decides to lay by in safety and send the men out to hunt. Shannon loses his shot pouch, knife, and powder horn.

I walked in the bottom in the thick rushes and the Growth of timber Common to the Illinois Such as cotton wood, Sycamore, ash mulberry, Elm of different Species, walnut, hickory, horn beem, pappaw    arrow wood    willow, prickly ash, &c and Grape vines, pees of 3 species &c &c.

William Clark
Grapevines with small purple grapes