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September 12, 1803

To pass through a shallow spot on the Ohio River, Lewis has the crew cut a channel through the gravel. Lewis trades a few pounds of lead with a farmer for corn and potatoes. They camp about 9 miles upstream from Marietta, Ohio.

passed several bad riffles and one particularly at the lower end of the long reach called Willson's riffle here we were obliged to cut a channel through the gravel with our spade and canoe paddles and then drag the boat through

Meriwether Lewis
Snippet from a book used by Meriwether Lewis to help navigate the Ohio River

September 12, 1804

The Expedition encounters a bend in the Missouri full of islands and shallow, braided channels. The keelboat nearly turns over. They then head up the wrong side of a large island and must turn back. They name the island Troublesome Island.

we passed (1) a Island the middle of the river at the head of which we found great dificuelty in passing between the Sand bars    the water Swift and Shallow, it took ¾ of the day to make one mile, we Camped on the L. S. opsd. a Village of Barking Prarie Squriels

William Clark
Drawing of the Lewis and Clark Expedition towing the keelboat up the Missouri River

September 12, 1805

The morning is frosty when the Expedition departs. The trail up Lolo Creek winds up, down, and along the sides of steep, forested hills. Some of the party do not arrive at camp until 10:00pm. There is little food for them or their horses.

The road through this hilley Countrey is verry bad passing over hills & thro' Steep hollows, over falling timber &c. &c. continued on & passed Some most intolerable road on the Sides of the Steep Stoney mountains

William Clark
Steep, brushy hill with Ponderosa pines

September 12, 1806

The Expedition meets several key traders. At present St. Joseph, Missouri, they meet Robert McClellan, an old comrade. Joseph Gravelines and Pierre Dorion, Sr. are also there taking gifts to the Arikara whose chief died in Washington, DC.

Mr. Gravveleen took a chief of the Rickarees on to the Seat of government & he died their and Mr. Gravveleen has got the presents for his nation.

John Ordway
Historic photo of Arikara chief standing in the prairie